Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Geothermal Systems Need Duct Cleaning

Geothermal systems need duct cleaning, just like every other type of heating and cooling system. While the geothermal system may be a different type of HVAC system, keep in mind that the warm and cool air are blowing through the home's ductwork, so it is still important to keep everything clean.
There is some debate on the necessity of regular duct cleaning. Some experts recommend it should be done annually. Others say it should not be necessary until signs of mold or dust accumulation in the ducts are visible. Here are three good reasons a home owner should consider a professional duct cleaning for a geothermal system:
Although there is currently no proof that duct cleaning will result in a healthier home, it stands to reason that cleaner ducts will lead to cleaner air, or at least not cause dirty, dust-filled air. As all that air moves through the ducts before being delivered into the living spaces, it will blow air out into the spaces. As more dust is brought into the home, it is pulled in through the return air vents, and pulled into the geothermal system, where it is blown through ductwork again. This is why it is important to change the air filters every few months.
If there is no dust or debris in the ducts, there is nothing for the air to pick up and blow throughout the home. But as the dust is brought into the house from the outside, it pulls new dust into the geothermal system, which is why the ducts should be cleaned at least annually.
Consult a geothermal system professional about duct cleaning if one of the following three things are noticeable.
Mold growth inside ducts or black stains on the outside supply grills or on any parts of the geothermal system.
Evidence of rodents, vermin or insects inside the ducts.
Ducts are clogged with dust or debris, or there are visible dust particles being released into the home from registers.
A home's geothermal system is responsible for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment in the home. As part of the seasonal maintenance program, it is important to talk to the service professional about duct cleaning. Clean ducts, like clean filters, may reduce allergens and other health threats as well as increase the system's efficiency to save money.
A good geothermal service professional should be willing to provide home owners a free, no-obligation checkup of the system's air ducts to see if they need to be cleaned. If they do, make sure they clean and sanitize all grilles and registers (including return air grilles), use a professional cleaning machine to vacuum the air ducts, and sanitize the ducts with an anti-microbial solution.