Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tips for Buying New and Recertified Spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers - Lab Equipment Worth Buying
Spectrophotometers are a long term investment for your lab and so you have to purchase them sensibly. Make sure that the product you buy satisfies your specific needs. Spectrophotometers are in fact essential medical laboratory equipment used to perform various experimental tasks in research, medical, industrial and educational fields. Keeping in mind certain tips for buying new and recertified spectrophotometers will help you make a purchase that ensures maximum value for your money.
Guidelines to Ensure Sensible Shopping
• configuration and technical features of spectrophotometers - check the specifications and choose from single beam or double beam spectrophotometers available in different models. Compare various features such as digital display, solid state detector, spectral range, built in filters and auto zero function of different models. Ensure that the model you choose comes with unique specifications that guarantee consistent performance and accuracy.
• evaluate clinical and research needs - evaluate the uses of spectrophotometer in your lab and make a purchase accordingly to suit your requirements. You can also find more details about the specific product from blogs, discussion forums, guest columns and other related websites.
• purchase spectrophotometer of trusted brand - select a product made by renowned manufacturers. Unico spectrophotometer with various specifications and facilities leads the present day market.
• prepare a budget - normally brand new spectrophotometers are costly when compared to recertified models. A recertified product is a great option to minimize the budget. On the other hand, you can also benefit from the latest technology and specifications at cost-effective prices by picking up the right recertified spectrophotometers. But be diligent enough to ensure features such as accuracy, warranty and functionality of the device. Also check whether the product has undergone severe refurbishing tests to replace the damaged parts.
• finding a reliable dealer - take time to find the right lab equipment suppliers for direct or online purchase. Check out customer testimonials and reviews about the particular dealer to ensure their reliability and reputation in the business.
• product delivery - make sure that the laboratory equipment distributor takes all necessary steps to transport and deliver the product at the right time.
Track Down the Best Lab Equipment Supplier
A reliable dealer must necessarily have certain qualities to ensure total customer satisfaction. Factors worth mentioning are time bound product shipment, perfect installation, post-sales support and warranty coverage. Make use of the above mentioned tips for buying new and recertified spectrophotometers and benefit from a product that will ensure excellent utility value in your laboratory.